My Myrtle Beach Vacation!

Myrtle Beach Vacation

This past week, I was invited to join my boyfriend’s family on vacation to Myrtle Beach! We went to Disney World in Florida last year and had a blast, so I was very excited for this year’s vacation. We didn’t have any set plans other than hitting up a few restaurants and traveling to Charleston, […]

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Bulu Box Review: July 2016

Bulu Box Review- July 2016

Hi everyone – sorry for the long hiatus! It’s been a rough couple weeks. I’ve just finished up my summer internship with a company I’ve been with for nearly 2 years, had to move out of my apartment, and just started my vacation! Back to the good stuff, here’s what I got from my July […]

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Small Hiatus – I’ll be back!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t been around the past couple weeks. Life has been getting crazy, and I haven’t been able to set aside the time to blog as a result. I’ll be back in full force hopefully by the end of this week with a brand new Bulu Box post and race recap about […]

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Insanity Program + Running: Week 5

Insanity Program + Running- Week 5

Wow, what a week! My motivation was GONE and nowhere to be found. Thanks 4th of July weekend! On top of this already bummed out mood, my phone decided to not turn back on on Thursday, so it made it really hard to focus during the workouts. Out of my 4 goals from Week 4, […]

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